Genesis 33 Supplemental Material - Jacob bows down to Esau seven times 

Genesis 31 Supplemental Material - Rachel and the household gods 

This is a short paper where I detail 20 different shadows, types, or pictures of the coming Messiah in Genesis 22. 

Shadows Of The Messiah In Genesis 22
PDF – 155.8 KB 45 downloads

Biblical Accuracy & Circumcision on the 8th Day 

This is an article that discusses 8th day circumcision from a medical perspective.

The article was written by Dr. Bert Thompson. 

Why 8th Day Circumcision
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Melchizedek - A King and a Priest

Word – 75.8 KB 99 downloads

Table of the Nations in Genesis 10 and 11 

Here I take the sons of Shem, Ham, and Japeth (and associated nations) and turn the list into a family tree format.

This uncovers a number of interesting observations. 

Table Of The Nations In Genesis 10 And 11
PDF – 232.9 KB 150 downloads

Chronology of the Flood in Noah's Day 

A detailed chronology of the global deluge that occurred during Noah's day.

Indexed to Naoh's life and includes scripture references.

Chronology Of The Flood In Noahs Day R 1
PDF – 417.1 KB 113 downloads

The Sons of God and The Daughters of Men - An In-Depth Review 

The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Man 1
PDF – 370.2 KB 95 downloads

Population Estimator 

One of the big questions that people have as we study Genesis is: How many people were on the planet when that happened.

This tool helps you create an educated estimate. 

Simple Population Calculator Rev 1
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A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About Distant Starlight? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - Is There Evidence the Creation is Young 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About C14 Dating? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About the Supposed Old Ages I Hear About? 

Adam as the First Priest in Eden as the Garden Temple - G.K. Beale 

SBJT 22 2 Adam As Priest Beale
PDF – 225.1 KB 189 downloads

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About the Supposed Evolution of Man? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About Dinosaurs 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - Creation or Evolution: The Big Bang Theory 

List of Fine-Tuning Parameters - By Jay W. Richards? 

Fine Tuning Parameters Jay Richards
PDF – 231.2 KB 173 downloads

Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From? 

Millions Of Years Where Did The Idea Come From
Word – 72.5 KB 202 downloads

Longevity Chart (From Adam to Joseph) 

Longevity Chart Adam To Joseph
Image – 1.8 MB 257 downloads

The Genealogies in Genesis (From Creation to Jacob)

The Geneologies In Genesis
PDF – 463.3 KB 212 downloads

The Genesis of Genesis (Who Wrote the Book and Where Did the Information Come From)

The Genesis Of Genesis
Word – 73.2 KB 201 downloads

Ten Names of God in Genesis 

Ten Names Of God In Genesis
Word – 72.0 KB 183 downloads

Ten Origins in Genesis 

Ten Origins in Genesis
Word – 73.3 KB 179 downloads

Ten Anticipations of Eternity in Genesis 

Ten Anticipations Of Eternity In Genesis
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Seven Observations About the Office of an Apostle

Seven Observations About The Office Of Apostle
Word – 39.0 KB 182 downloads

Four Biblical Principles on Christian Liberty

Four Biblical Principles on Christian Liberty
Word – 41.9 KB 178 downloads

Testimony of Pastor Emmanuel Momo Conteh

The Revealed Mysteries of the New Testament 

Romans 11 The Revealed Mysteries In The New Testament
Word – 37.2 KB 200 downloads

Spiritual Gifts as Described by Paul 

Romans 12 Spiritual Gifts As Described By Paul
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