On Sunday June 16th, 2024, Tiim Scott taught the Sunday School lesson on the "one another commands" in the New Testament. 

This is the Power Point slide deck for that lesson. 

One Another Commands Pptx
PowerPoint – 754.5 KB 12 downloads

Here I take the descendants of Esau and the descendants of Seir the Horite and turn both lists that are found in Genesis 36 into family trees.

This uncovers a number of interesting observations. 

Generations Of Esau Docx
Word – 170.6 KB 18 downloads

Genesis 33 Supplemental Material - Jacob bows down to Esau seven times 

Genesis 31 Supplemental Material - Rachel and the household gods 

This is a short paper where I detail 20 different shadows, types, or pictures of the coming Messiah in Genesis 22. 

Shadows Of The Messiah In Genesis 22
PDF – 155.8 KB 66 downloads

Biblical Accuracy & Circumcision on the 8th Day 

This is an article that discusses 8th day circumcision from a medical perspective.

The article was written by Dr. Bert Thompson. 

Why 8th Day Circumcision
PDF – 159.0 KB 101 downloads

Melchizedek - A King and a Priest

Word – 75.8 KB 130 downloads

Table of the Nations in Genesis 10 and 11 

Here I take the sons of Shem, Ham, and Japeth (and associated nations) and turn the list into a family tree format.

This uncovers a number of interesting observations. 

Table Of The Nations In Genesis 10 And 11
PDF – 232.9 KB 12 downloads

Chronology of the Flood in Noah's Day 

A detailed chronology of the global deluge that occurred during Noah's day.

Indexed to Naoh's life and includes scripture references.

Chronology Of The Flood In Noahs Day R 1
PDF – 417.1 KB 141 downloads

The Sons of God and The Daughters of Men - An In-Depth Review 

The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Man 1
PDF – 370.2 KB 123 downloads

Population Estimator 

One of the big questions that people have as we study Genesis is: How many people were on the planet when that happened.

This tool helps you create an educated estimate. 

Simple Population Calculator Rev 1
Excel – 1.7 MB 210 downloads

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About Distant Starlight? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - Is There Evidence the Creation is Young 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About C14 Dating? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About the Supposed Old Ages I Hear About? 

Adam as the First Priest in Eden as the Garden Temple - G.K. Beale 

SBJT 22 2 Adam As Priest Beale
PDF – 225.1 KB 223 downloads

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About the Supposed Evolution of Man? 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - What About Dinosaurs 

A Discussion Rooted in Genesis - Creation or Evolution: The Big Bang Theory 

List of Fine-Tuning Parameters - By Jay W. Richards? 

Fine Tuning Parameters Jay Richards
PDF – 231.2 KB 222 downloads

Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From? 

Millions Of Years Where Did The Idea Come From
Word – 72.5 KB 230 downloads

Longevity Chart (From Adam to Joseph) 

Longevity Chart Adam To Joseph
Image – 1.8 MB 285 downloads

The Genealogies in Genesis (From Creation to Jacob)

The Geneologies In Genesis
PDF – 463.3 KB 245 downloads

The Genesis of Genesis (Who Wrote the Book and Where Did the Information Come From)

The Genesis Of Genesis
Word – 73.2 KB 233 downloads

Ten Names of God in Genesis 

Ten Names Of God In Genesis
Word – 72.0 KB 211 downloads

Ten Origins in Genesis 

Ten Origins in Genesis
Word – 73.3 KB 211 downloads

Ten Anticipations of Eternity in Genesis 

Ten Anticipations Of Eternity In Genesis
Word – 69.0 KB 196 downloads

Seven Observations About the Office of an Apostle

Seven Observations About The Office Of Apostle
Word – 39.0 KB 215 downloads

Four Biblical Principles on Christian Liberty

Four Biblical Principles on Christian Liberty
Word – 41.9 KB 206 downloads

Testimony of Pastor Emmanuel Momo Conteh

The Revealed Mysteries of the New Testament 

Romans 11 The Revealed Mysteries In The New Testament
Word – 37.2 KB 233 downloads

Spiritual Gifts as Described by Paul 

Romans 12 Spiritual Gifts As Described By Paul
Word – 38.9 KB 221 downloads